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Had contract with United Corp. of NJ LLC since June to install a front porch (cement, pavers, front walk - the works) and they never even got the permit.

When we (my husband and I) actually got the permit going - Tony (the owner) sent a letter that due to "circumstances beyond our control we are unable to fulfill your contract for this season." Waited all summer for him to begin (said it would be able to start the end of July/beginning of August) we still do not have a front porch.

I would not suggest this company to anyone. Very unprofessional to tell us 2 weeks ago that they would be able to do the work by the end of October and then instead of being a good company and calling and discussing, he sends a form letter.

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After reviewing this post we have found out that this was another paver company's review,there is a company in Hicksville ny with the same name.


This customor did not want to pay for unitedcorp to do drawings for the township they claimed they did not have money for that.

Monroe Township, New Jersey, United States #888705

In respond to this comment this person after my staff did there research found out this was another paver company that put this comment up.

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